Rose Care for July!

In order to keep your roses producing during the summer, the most important chore is to keep them well watered. It is
best to water early in the morning or early evening, and water deeply. It may be beneficial on hot days to water overhead
to reduce the air temperature around the plant while also providing moisture.

To help retain moisture, a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around the plant will reduce evaporation and weeds that can compete
with the roots for water and other nutrients.

Keep up with deadheading. This keeps the plant productive and looking its best. Remove interior and crossing canes
keeping the center of the rose open for good air circulation.

Hot weather also brings out the dreaded spider mites. If the upper surface of the leaves look dry and grayish and the
underside may have fine webs, by shaking a leaf over a piece of white paper and if you see something like finely ground
pepper, it is probably mites. You can treat your roses by watering with a vigorous stream of water on the undersides of
the leaves, as well as the surface, especially the leaves near the base of the plant. This should be done every two – three
days for the best results. If you decide to use a chemical, Avid is a very effective miticide.
Oklahoma Rose Society